Regular Hot Cocoa Bombs are 2.25" in diameter

Choose from Christmas sprinkles (red, green, white) or Frozen sprinkles (light blue, dark blue, silver)




  • Hot Chocolate - Chocolate shell with classic hot cocoa and marshmallow inside, topped with chocolate drizzle and sprinkles.
  • White Chocolate - White chocolate shell with white hot cocoa and marshmallow inside, topped with white chocolate drizzle and sprinkles.

4 Pack REGULAR CLASSIC Hot Cocoa Bombs (Save $4) *NO SHIPPING*

  • CARE

    Do not expose to heat or sunlight to keep from melting.

    Store in cool, dry place until ready to use.


    • Place in mug
    • Pour about 8 ounces of hot milk over bomb
    • Stir until completely dissolved
    • Enjoy!


    Drink will be hot, be careful to not burn yourself!