This amazing new product from Creative Cookier will solve your stenciling problems!  For use when airbrushing AND scraping with icing!

Designed for use with the Stencil Genie (not included), it is layered on top of a traditional plastic stencil between the two sides of the Stencil Genie to hold the stencil against the surface of the cookie.  This helps to reduce/eliminate underspray when airbrushing and icing going under the stencil when scraping.  The pieces included are the plastic frame, rubber gasket, and one removable/replaceable silkscreen.  Arrives preassembled.

  • Watch the videos for assembly and usage instructions 
  • Replacement screens available soon!

*NEW PRODUCT* Screen Genie from Creative Cookier

  • CLEANING - It's best to remove the screen from the Screen Genie so water doesn't inadvertently damage the cookie. 

    To remove the screen, simply pull on one of the corner tabs of the rubber gasket, rinse the pieces with cool water, and dry thoroughly.

    To reassemble, place the rubber gasket on a hard, flat surface, center the screen on top of gasket, place plastic frame on top (smooth side up), and press firmly while going around frame.  Flip over and verify that the rubber gasket is fully inserted into the groove in the frame and that the screen is taut.  Watch video in listing for a walkthrough.

  • AIRBRUSHING - Use high pressure on the compressor but only pull the trigger back slightly.  Make several light passes over the design.  The screen will need to be rinsed every few cookies because the color will begin to "pool" on the screen.  Follow the cleaning instructions above.

    SCRAPING WITH ICING - Use toothpaste/pudding consistency icing.  For best results, pipe icing over design (see video), push icing through screen with scraper at a 45° angle in 1 - 2 passes, then scrape icing off with scraper at a 90° angle in 1 - 2 passes.